Monday, March 31, 2014

Download JAWS 15.0.8021 32 and 64 bit (Updated)

JAWS (Job access with speech) from Freedom Scientific, is a popular and widely used screen reader for Windows operating systems. JAWS enables blind people to independently using the computer to accomplish their daily tasks like Office work, Internet browsing, Chatting, and any other tasks.
Jaws is not only a simple screen reader, it has the ability to read texts from the image and other inaccessible window using OCR (Optical character recognition) which was introduced in JAWS 13, Scripts to make inaccessible applications to be accessible, support of various TTSs (Text-to-speech) and support to various languages including Hindi. User can also use Microsoft Speech API version 5 compatible TTS such as ESpeak to read other languages including some of Indian languages such as Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and few others. Another main feature is Jaws and Invisible cursor. If you switching to Jaws cursor from PC cursor, Jaws reads the line that currently focused by mouse pointer. This feature mainly using for reading contents and activating links and buttons that is not accessible via keyboard. Invisible cursor is also doing the same but it speaks lines without mouse pointer’s help. These are only some of the features of Jaws, there are more features available to explore.

Enhancements in JAWS 15.0.8021:

Addressed a reported issue with JAWS not working as expected when launching programs created with the Ruby programming language.
Updated the information in the JAWS Help topics for Microsoft Word and Excel to more accurately reflect the available options in the Word Settings and Excel Settings groups in Quick Settings.
Updated the help topic for the Startup Wizard to include all of the available options on the Braille page.
Microsoft Excel:
In Excel 2010, addressed an issue where attempting to change values in the Scale edit spin box, located in the Scale to Fit submenu of the Page Layout tab, was not working as expected with the Virtual Ribbon enabled.
If an Excel workbook is attached to an E-mail message and you open the file from within the message, JAWS will now announce that the workbook is in Protected View.
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Addressed issues with navigating ARIA menus on certain Web pages using Internet Explorer 11.
Microsoft Outlook: Resolved a customer reported issue with JAWS incorrectly saying "0 items" when deleting a message in the message list.
Microsoft Word: Resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS was not reading as expected in the Font list in Word 2010 and 2013.
Mozilla Firefox: Addressed an issue with using JAWS with button menus contained inside an ARIA dialog box opened from a Web page.
Mozilla Thunderbird: When creating a message filter, addressed a reported issue where you could not select the folder where you wanted to copy the filtered message.


JAWS 15.0.8021 32 bit
JAWS 15.0.8021 64 bit
JAWS 15.0 Thumb drive (Portable)
FS Omni Page for OCR (32 & 64 bit)

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