Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Disabled have 3% quota in govt jobs, but add up to only 0.12%

Taken from Indian Express
Three per cent reservation has been provided for the disabled in the Central Civil Services since 2005. However, information provided by the Department
of Personnel and Training (DoPT) tells a disappointing story of representation of disabled people in Central government. Out of over 24 lakh employees
belonging to Group A, B and C, the total number of persons employed from disabled category was merely 5,014 on January 1, 2012.

This information was provided by the DoPT in response to an RTI application filed by The Indian Express. According to the reply, 140 disabled category
people were employed in Group A, where total number of such employees is around 77,000. On the other hand, out of around 1.90 lakh employees of Group B
category, only 712 were from disabled category.

Similarly, the representation of disabled people in around 22.60 lakh employees of Group C category was merely 4,162 according to the reply. Thus, the
percentage of the disabled employees in Group A, B and C is 0.18, 0.37 and 0.18 per cent respectively. Total percentage of disabled employees among around
24 lakh employees of all three ranks is merely 0.21 per cent.

DoPT said it has arranged this data from various departments of the government. While there is such reservation in Group D as well, the data for it was
not provided.

Source : Indian Express.

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