Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Firefox for Android v27.0 Now Available to Download on Play Store

Mozilla Firefox is one of the widely used and cross-platform browser in computers. It is free and open source. The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings the best of desktop browsing to Android. It’s fast, easy to use, and customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe online.
Mozilla has also announced the release of Firefox for Android v27.0 along with the desktop version. You can read what are the new features added in this version from below paragraph and download Firefox for Android v27.0 from Play Store safely using below link.

What’s New:

  • Added Lithuanian, Slovenian, South African English and Thai to android multi-locale builds
  • Enabled TLS 1.1 (RFC 4346) and TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) by default
  • UI improvements due to rewrite of favicon system
  • Removed overscrolling on web content
  • Experience better readability with default font set to Clear Sans
  • Ability to reset style sheets using 'all:unset'
  • You can now choose to deobfuscate javascript in the debugger
  • Implemented allow-popups directive for iframe sandbox, enabling increased security
  • CSS cursor keywords -moz-grab and -moz-grabbing have been unprefixed
  • Added support for ES6 generators in SpiderMonkey
  • Implemented support for mathematical function Math.hypot() in ES6
  • Dashed line support on Canvas
  • Security fixes


Firefox for Android 27.0 from Google Play

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