Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaked Droid 5 Images May Yet Give Hope to Long-Suffering QWERTY Fans

Samsung Galaxy Chat (b5330) was the last Android smartphone which equipped with QWERTY keyboard, I think. Many people who loves keyboard at least for typing, especially visually impaired people are searching for a QWERTY Android smartphone for a long period. Read below news about an upcoming Android smartphone with QWERTY keyboard from Motorola.
“Despite the popularity of touchscreen interfaces in smartphones, some people will never want to give up the finger-friendly feel and utility of an old-school, physical keyboard. Unfortunately for these digit-centric folks, nearly all the top-shelf handset releases of the past year have been decidedly keyboard-free. A series of leaked images purportedly of the QWERTY-licious Droid 5 may be reason for keyboard fans to have hope, however.”

Read the full story which published in PC World.

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