Monday, October 28, 2013

Download JAWS 15.0.4203 Final (32 and 64 bit), Added Touch Cursor and More to Windows 8, Vocalizer Expressive Synthesizer Support and More

Freedom Scientific has released JAWS ® 15.0 final with the new features such as Touch Cursor for Windows 8. This release is mainly focused to introduce new features and improvements to Windows 8 OS. There are many other features and bug fixes in this version.
All the new features in this version given below. To know more about each features, click the link given at the last of Feature list. JAWS (Job access with speech) from Freedom Scientific, is a popular and widely used screen reader for Windows operating systems. JAWS enables blind people to independently using the computer to accomplish their daily tasks like Office work, Internet browsing, Chatting, and any other tasks. Jaws is not only a simple screen reader, it has the ability to read texts from the image and other inaccessible window using OCR (Optical character recognition) which was introduced in JAWS 13, Scripts to make inaccessible applications to be accessible, support of various TTSs (Text-to-speech) and support to various languages including Hindi. User can also use Microsoft Speech API version 5 compatible TTS such as ESpeak to read other languages including some of Indian languages such as Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and few others. Another main feature is Jaws and Invisible cursor. If you switching to Jaws cursor from PC cursor, Jaws reads the line that currently focused by mouse pointer. This feature mainly using for reading contents and activating links and buttons that is not accessible via keyboard. Invisible cursor is also doing the same but it speaks lines without mouse pointer’s help. These are only some of the features of Jaws, there are more features available to explore.

What’s New In JAWS 15.0

  • Object Navigation Using the Touch Cursor:
Touch Cursor Navigation Quick Keys
Advanced Object Navigation
  • Improved Windows 8 Start Screen Navigation Using the Touch Cursor
  • Windows 8 Touch Screen Support:
JAWS Specific Touch Screen Gestures
  • Vocalizer Expressive Synthesizer
  • New FSReader 3 with HTML Support
  • Download Freedom Scientific Training Materials Using FSReader
  • New Speech History for Speech-only Users
  • Updated Skype Support
  • Third-party Braille Display Drivers now Included in JAWS Installation
  • Auto Detection of Braille Displays
  • More Braille Options Added to Startup Wizard
  • Instant Switching Between Braille Tables
  • Braille Structured Mode Improvements
  • Changed Braille Symbols for Structured Mode
  • Enhanced Table Reading in Braille
  • Error Reporting
  • Navigation Quick Key Changes
  • New Setting for Controlling How Web Page Links are Activated
    Visit below link to read more release notes and to get brief description of above new features in Jaws 15.


You can download Jaws 15.0.4203 32 bit and 64 bit editions from below links. USB Thumb drive edition (Portable edition) will be added soon. You can also download OCR Engine for both 32 and 64 bit from below link.
Download JAWS 15.0.4203 32 bit
Download JAWS 15.0.4203 64 bit
Download FS Omni Page (OCR Engine) for 32 and 64 bit

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