Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mumbai Metro Set to be Disabled-Friendly, All the Way

Taken from DNA India.

Right from stations to coaches, metro aims to give the differently abled and visually challenged a smooth ride.

Those who are disabled or visually impaired have nothing to worry about while using the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro rail once it is opened to the public.

This is because right from the stations to the metro coaches and toilets, everything has been made disabled-friendly.

The moment a disabled or senior citizen reaches the space below any of the metro stations, a gradual ramp is provided from road level to the elevator podium.

At the end of the ramp, overhead covers are present to protect against inclement weather. Thereafter, the elevators are big enough to accommodate a person

in a wheel chair.

Moreover, the elevator buttons have information in Braille apart from regular updates of operations by way of announcements.

As the visually impaired have to face challenges during their daily commuting life, tactile paving has been put in place as to guide them to the AFC gates

and along the route.

“Tactile flooring has been provided from the elevators at the concourse to the ticket vending machines, and then till the edge of the platform. Inside

the coaches, designated space has been created for wheelchairs, alongside the benches,” said an official from Mumbai Metro One Private Limited.

Emergency intercom devices are also installed near the wheelchair space, at a lower height to enable the disabled to use the facility.

One of the AFC gates is wide enough to allow entry of people on wheelchairs to pass easily. The ticket vending machines will also aid passengers with speech impairment and signage design, including pictograms with high contrast levels, which will help those with limited visual capacity and cognitive disabilities.

“The toilets are specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs and facilitate the differently disable persons. MMOPL has planned to provide a smooth travel for each of its valuable customers with the best technology and as per the international practices,” said a spokesperson.

Uninterrupted power supply

For uninterrupted power supply, a 30-meter neutral section has provided between the Chakala and Airport Road metro stations. This neutral section divides the entire overhead equipment section into two parts — one from Versova to the neutral section at Chakala station and the other from Ghatkopar to the neutral section at Airport Road station, and makes them function independently

Power (25,000V) from Versova to Chakala station is fed from DN Nagar receiving sub-station (RSS) and the same voltage from Ghatkopar to Airport Road station from Marol RSS. If one RSS fails, the neutral section can be switched on so that either of the substations can run the entire line

Diesel generator sets of 180KV capacity are provided at each station to run the essential load during power failure. Diesel generator sets of 1000KV at DN Nagar Depot work station will run the control rooms and the essential load during power failure

Meanwhile, the centralised system will help the technical staff restore power supply as soon as possible.

Source: DNA India.

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