Thursday, November 27, 2014

Download NVDA 2014.4 Final

NVDA (Non visual desktop access) is a free and open source screen reader for Windows platform from NV Access. NVDA is also available as portable, you can copy it to a removable media and it can be run in any computer without installing.
NVDA provides many features as provided by paid screen readers. NVDA is a good alternative screen reader for JAWS and Window-Eyes. Some of the features of NVDA is, OCR (Optical character Recognision), Support for SAPI4 and SAPI 5 compatible TTSs and more. NVDA comes with ESpeak synthesizer as default, but you can buy lisence for Vocalizer TTS.
NVAccess has announced the release of NVDA 2014.4 final with the following new features, changes and bug fixes.

What's New in NVDA:

New Features
• New languages: Colombian Spanish, Punjabi.
• It is now possible to restart NVDA or restart NVDA with add-ons disabled from NVDA's exit dialog.
◦ NVDA can also be started with add-ons disabled by using the --disable-addons command line option.
• In speech dictionaries, it is now possible to specify that a pattern should only match if it is a whole word; i.e. it does not occur as part of a larger word.
• If an object you have moved to with object navigation is inside a browse mode document, but the object you were on previously was not, the review mode is automatically set to document. Previously, this only happened if the navigator object was moved due to the focus changing.
• The Braille display and Synthesizer lists in the respective settings dialogs are now alphabetically sorted except for No braille/No speech, which are now at the bottom.
• Updated liblouis braille translator to 2.6.0.
• In browse mode, pressing e and shift+e to navigate to edit fields now includes editable combo boxes. This includes the search box in the latest version of Google Search.
• Clicking the NVDA icon in the Notification Area with the left mouse button now opens the NVDA menu instead of doing nothing.
Click below link to read For full release notes


NVDA 2014.4(Both portable and installer)

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